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Journalist charged under anti-terror law, sent to jail | SC restrains media from airing public comments in sub judice matters | Journalists hold protest rally against attacke on karachi press club | Plain-Clothed Armed Men Entered Into Karachi Press Club, Harass Journalists | 12 armed men attacked at office of a local Newspaper, Beat up its Crime Reporter |


Journalism is an important component in a democratic society. It is the pillar of democracy. Of course journalism makes a difference in a society. It always helps in social responsibilities and inspires the public discussions so the general public will be aware with the activities which affect their life styles as well as the development of the country. 

Keeping and protecting the journalists is an important task of the government. Without safeguarding the journalists' public will not get any chance to hear reliable information. So it is the responsibility of the government to protect the journalists and media workers at the first place. But looking around the world, for the past decade we are unable to see such a big change on taking action against the violence against the journalists. Most of the time the violence is for the profession and you will see there is always a political influence on it. 


» Every five days journalists will get killed
» Amount of taking the journalists to custody is high 
» Each and every day most of the journalists will face different types of harassments
» Whatever said and done reporting such harassments is done very rarely due to many reasons 

So with all these horrible things, journalism is a very dangerous activity to get engaged with. When the reporting continues you will see the increase of these harassments and violence taking place. So now it is the high time to educate the society of those crucial things and change the world. Should make things where world should listen to. Journalists, media professionals and other members feel it is the high time to stand against thing violence. Should stand up for their own rights! You should raise the voice. 

The most brutal ways of harassing the journalists can be found in Mexico. It is the worst country compared to the other Latin American countries. Over the past decade more than 74 journalists have been killed in Mexico only. The reasons behind those murder cases are digging the drug community or criticizing the corruption of the government bodies. No one was there to raise the hand and stand up against those journalists. With the pressure from the international community, Mexican government has started resolving the murder cases done on year 2017 and journalists and media professionals are in full attention on how the Mexican government will resolve the other older cases too. And what kind of precautions they will take to protect the journalists in Mexico now and in the future. 

On 12th November 1997, in the General conference of UNESCO on their 29th session, they have adopted the resolution 29th which is Condemnation of violence against journalists. Even the UNESCO has taken action still we hear such harassments against the journalists around the world. There should be a proper way to put the full stop and let them to do their job without any fear. 


» It is the right time to raise the hand and take the matter in to our own hands rather than waiting 
» The unity within the media community is crucial so that it proves the strength and can fight against the freedom 
» We can pressure the institutes, governments and publishing houses to protect the journalists and stop the harassments against them 
» We can do so by emphasizing the importance of protecting the profession and spreading the value of getting correct information all the time
» Speak out the harassment experience faced by the victims to the whole world
» Spread the disadvantages of attacking the journalists against the society which will stop revealing the truth
» Always highlight the duty of the government which is to protect and safeguard the journalists so that they can work freely and convey the correct information to the public. 
» If any harassments took place government and other institutions are responsible and should take necessary actions against them.