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Journalist charged under anti-terror law, sent to jail | SC restrains media from airing public comments in sub judice matters | Journalists hold protest rally against attacke on karachi press club | Plain-Clothed Armed Men Entered Into Karachi Press Club, Harass Journalists | 12 armed men attacked at office of a local Newspaper, Beat up its Crime Reporter |


- Journalists should present the facts and preserve their true meaning, demonstrate all major links and not allow any form of distortion of information. 

- Unbiased journalism does not mean that the journalists should abstain from expressing personal opinions. However, the reader should be able to differentiate between articles stating facts and materials expressing opinions or interpretations of events. However, this principle need not limit the journalist in choosing their style of writing. 

- Journalists should not be the spokespeople for an egoistic private or group interest. He/she should contribute to the mass media's objective coverage of the pluralism of opinions. They are not allowed to hide publicly important information or distort facts. 

- In-commentary of a biased nature is a violation of the principles of journalistic ethics. 

- The preparation and writing of analytical materials and comments on certain events must be done by journalists whose competence and experience correspond with the task at hand. 

- People featured in the articles should be characterized by race, religion, nationality and status only when it is important to correctly understand the material. 

- Headlines and subheadlines of newspaper articles should fully correspond to the contents of the article. Photographs and video materials should clearly illustrate the events instead of presenting them out of context. 

- Unconfirmed information, rumours and conjecture should be specified. Symbolic illustrations (photomontage, restorations, similar motives recorded in other time periods) should be clearly recognizable and have corresponding tags. 

- When stating facts, commenting on them or entering a discussion on a certain issue, journalists should stick to the ethics and principles of dialogue and respect their discussion partner(s).