ethics of journalism

Journalist charged under anti-terror law, sent to jail | SC restrains media from airing public comments in sub judice matters | Journalists hold protest rally against attacke on karachi press club | Plain-Clothed Armed Men Entered Into Karachi Press Club, Harass Journalists | 12 armed men attacked at office of a local Newspaper, Beat up its Crime Reporter |


» The purpose of the center is to unconditionally support and promote freedom of expression beyond the boundaries of caste, greed, religion, race and political views. ICPFJ believes this is the right of every single human being.
» Journalists include individuals who collect, gather and spread information through writing, video, film and advanced technology to their local community and an international audience.
» ICPJ vows to protect the rights of reporters, writers, photographers and all individuals linked to the media industry.
» The international center is free from religious, race, region or thought-based biases.
» ICPJ will continue activities to protect journalism in countries across the world without charging a remuneration or fee.
» If there is report of violation of journalistic rights, the matter will be shared with the authorities of the same country. The center will seek a mutual solution to the problem with local authorities
» The main objective is to promote the safety of journalists by striving to towards the prevention of violence and by combatting impunity.
» ICPJ aims to promote a free and safe environment - in both conflict and non-conflict situations - for journalists. The objective here is to strengthen peace, democracy and development on a global scale.
» The center will launch awareness campaigns and actions to promote the safety of journalists.
» ICPJ will advocate a gender-sensitive approach when working for the safety of journalists, especially women.
» It will ensure accountability through impartial, speedy and effective investigations into attacks on journalists. The center will aim to bring the assailants to justice and ensure that victims have access to appropriate rehabilitation
» The center will promote training on safety issues, while also developing handbooks and guidelines for journalists, the media industry as well as policy and law makers. These guides will also be extended to political and social actors who bear a relation to the promotion journalists' safety.
» ICPJ will support existing international alert mechanisms for journalists in danger.