ethics of journalism

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» This center will not represent any particular country, nation, race or specific geography. However, it will strive to protect the independence and impartiality of the press and media. Presently, journalists are vulnerable in several underdeveloped countries - whether the threat is from government or militant sides. In some dictatorial regimes, the media is terrorized and journalists are forced to leave the country or are put in jail. 

» This center will not defend any country's national interests and not accept financial support from them in any form. It will promote legal advisory activities through the support of charity organizations and private donations from individuals. Those interested in donating funds to provide financial support may contact the center. ICPJ welcomes assistance and donations from all volunteer groups and individuals. 

» The center will investigate any dictatorial regime which acts against journalists, prevents their reports and thoughts from coming to the fore, or issues warnings of any nature. The objective is to act as a support system for journalists in such regions. This center will oppose all those regimes which violate journalistic rights or cause trouble for the media. 

» This center is strictly against yellow journalism as the practice defends the interest of individuals, groups and dictatorial regimes. ICPJ promotes and is an advocate for impartial and independent journalism. Yellow Journalism also protects the interests of terrorists, dictators and illegal regimes. It is prevalent around the globe and causes obstacles in providing accurate and unbiased news to the public. It also aides in spreading false information to the next generation. 

» This center is strictly against religious extremism - regardless of the faith, race or doctrine. It stands against those who misrepresent people's feelings in the name of religion and considers such individuals as enemies of peace, security, and human rights. 

» This center will not defend journalists who support such groups, individuals, and regimes. Those media personnel, who provoke, promote or support hate speech, will not be allowed to provide services to this center. 

» It believes a journalist must have enough independence to collect information.

» This center will never interfere in the domestic affairs of a country or regime.

» ICPJ will organize conferences, seminars, and workshops to raise awareness and education among journalists over their rights in different countries.

» The center will annually award medals to individuals who are vocal and active in protecting the legal rights of journalists.

» In case of the kidnapping of a journalist by a country or group of people, the center will act immediately with the support of other legal advisory institutions. It will also step up if a journalist faces dangers/threats due to his or her way of thinking. It will act any time a journalist is murdered for his/her independent activities and in case they are prevented from performing their duties. This center will inquire after and support injured journalists as well as the families of deceased media personnel. In the case of any of the aforementioned situations, a journalist can immediately contact the center. 

» If a journalist kidnapped during work or travel contacts the centre, ICPJ will perform legal advisory services.

» This center envisions the implementation of the Manual of Universal Human Rights as one of its prime obligations.

» This center is strictly obliged to ARTICLE 19: "Defending freedom of expression and information" and is committed to implement all of its contents and provisions.

» It will launch annual campaigns to raise awareness for journalists to stand in unison with peers who ae jailed around the globe for their work.