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message of ICPFJ india directors


It is my distinct honor to represent ICPFJ as Deputy Chairman and lead the India Chapter.  Even though the initiative is pretty new, I have developed a great attachment to this beautiful cause and organization which is taking a definite shape to make a difference in time to come.

The International Center for Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ) is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes journalistic freedom globally. We defend the right of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal. We are here to protect them.

India is a country with unity in diversity. We respect all the religions, caste & creed, irrespective of their sex & their sexual preferences. ICPFJ is the most secular organisation of this world as we believe in only one religion - humanity. We respect all political parties here in India who are contributing to strengthen our parliamentary democracy. We condemn & criticize their policies which are against the social harmony & social welfare of the people of this great nation. No matter whether they are in power or in opposition. In nut shell, we are here to say the truth, to report the reality with honesty & without any biases & prejudice mindsets.

We always say here at ICPFJ that if you are biased towards a party or a particular religion and target others on these biases, then you are dead as a journalist and a kind human being as well. In this digital era, fake information is planted through social media to create communal hatred “but we are trying our best to filter information and broadcast only facts.” We are here to promote ethical journalism, we are here to protect our fellow journalists who are doing a commendable job for humanity and freedom of expression by risking their lives for the betterment of this nation. We are here as the most promising organisation of working journalists of the world to protect your rights, to stand with you and your family when in need & in your tough time.   

Every year, hundreds of journalists are attacked, imprisoned, or killed. Indian journalists are also increasingly at risk from fanatics, criminals, and online mobs and the government is doing barely anything to protect them. At least three journalists were killed in India in 2017 and in 2018, four journalists were killed in the first six months of the year itself. In fact the hate speech directed toward journalists has increased massively, causing serious concern for their safety.

According to the latest data available with the National Crime Records Bureau, since 2015, as many as 142 attacks against journalists have been registered in rural India. As many as 75 journalists were killed in India between 1992 and 2018. Many of them were independent journalists who were murdered close to their home or their workplace. Many attacks on journalists go unreported, as reporters often succumb to threats from local politicians, policemen, and self-appointed vigilantes.

These brutal assaults on journalists who are doing their job and their duty to the public is one reason why India ranks 138th in the world in the latest World Press Freedom Index. Likewise, India is at 13th in its global impunity index, which highlights countries where the murders of journalists are least likely to be punished. Not a single journalist's murder in the country has been solved in the past 10 years.

The frequency, in which journalists are being attacked, begs the question of why there are no safety mechanisms to protect them. It calls for greater commitment to protect free speech and freedom of the press.

So, when a policeman slaps a reporter, a female journalist is groped, or a writer is threatened, there are no headlines, reports, or Twitter trends. We need to change this as it is they who deliver some of the most damning and important news stories about India.

When journalists are attacked, society suffers. Record numbers of journalists are in jail for their work around the world. Prison is isolating as it has been reported over the years that journalists denied access to their lawyers and families, on allegations of torture and abuse, and on the sheer lengths to which authorities will go to stop a story. Now, you can help keep the journalists' stories alive and their spirits up.

According to me attack on journalists is the ultimate form of censorship. ICPFJ has taken a resolve to wage a global campaign against impunity. Lend your support for the noble cause of ICPFJ to protect journalists across globe.

Join us! Raise your voice! Speak out for justice!

MR. SAMIR ABBAS - Deputy Chairman of ICPFJ and Representative of India