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Journalist charged under anti-terror law, sent to jail | SC restrains media from airing public comments in sub judice matters | Journalists hold protest rally against attacke on karachi press club | Plain-Clothed Armed Men Entered Into Karachi Press Club, Harass Journalists | 12 armed men attacked at office of a local Newspaper, Beat up its Crime Reporter |

ICPFJ executive members

Dr. Hatef Mokhtar Founder and Chairman

Dr. Hatef Mokhtar is the Chairman and Founder of International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ). Established on 11th May 2018, the ICPFJ’s main objective is to promote, support and defend the rights of journalists worldwide beyond any borders of caste, creed, and religion. Dr. Hatef‘s belief is that Freedom of Expression is the first step towards establishing a Democratic state. He believes without Freedom of Expression there cannot be democracy.

He is a writer and author, human rights activist, columnist, and Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Oslo Times International News Network. Dr. Hatef Mokhtar is the Founder of Global Peace Network too. He was born in Mazar-i-Sharif of Afghanistan. He attended Balkh University and other universities across the world. His father, Mr. Mawllanaa Gul Mohammad Khan Niazi was a well-known Islamic scholar in Afghanistan, who was arrested on political grounds because for standing against the communist regime of Noor Mohammad Taraki, the first Communist President of Afghanistan. Later, his father was assassinated in jail by the order of the Communist President. Dr. Hatef Mokhtar is also vocal against dictatorial regimes across the world. His activities have made him a public figure and human rights activist at the international stage.

Dr. Mokhtar is a multilingual speaker and is fluent in Pashto, Persian, Urdu, Norwegian and English. He is the founder of Universal Human Rights Research Association (UHRRA). His lifelong ambition is to bring different communities together under a single umbrella and build bridges between them.

He considers his pen as a weapon to write against cruelty, oppression and tyrannical regimes. He strives to make people aware of the truth and understand the reality of those whose voices we can’t hear.

He has divided his work in two parts. One is to defend and promote the freedom of expression and human rights across the world. Over the past six years The Oslo times has given a platform to the voiceless and continues to do so. And, secondly, the investigations conducted by UHRRA act as leverage to the media, providing correspondents with effective data and analysis on global human rights issues.


He has written several books, and his book The Red Wrath received Readers Favorite Award in 2013.

MS Simonetta Lein Executive Board Member And Advisory Member

Ms.Simonetta Lein is a senior executive board member at International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ) from USA, who is a named Fashion Icon, Writer, Millennial Activist, considered one of the top 100 influencers in the world. She is the founder of The Wishwall Foundation; Simonetta contributes to the Huffingron Post and advocates for women in her blog Empowering Style by The Wishmaker. Simonetta is an entrepreneur, a TV personality and a top model that has contributed to several shows at NYFW and at Madison Square Garden for Style Fashion Week. Her fans call her The Wishmaker.

Ms. Simonetta Lein boasts an enormous list of accomplishments, such as becoming recognized one of the top 100 influencers in the world and being named a fashion icon, setting trends on social media and beyond. She is a best-selling author, television and radio personality, journalist, international fashion and lifestyle blogger, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and philanthropist to name a few. She is the leading star for the show “The Wishwall” picked by Amazon Prime, distributed through FNL Network.

Simonetta is passionate about making this world a better place and empowering women to work hard and make their own dreams a reality. She is selective in collaborating with brands that will always give her readers her message. With a focus on educating and inspiring others and making wishes come true, Simonetta writes novels and articles, hosts events, and can be booked as a speaker as well. With more than 2 million followers across all digital platforms, “The Wishmaker” has been a columnist for Vanity Fair Italy and is currently contributing fashion and lifestyle journalist for the Huffington Post, The Entrepreneur Magazine and D La Repubblica, a top fashion Italian magazine. She has served as a Brand Ambassador to several of Italy’s top luxury fashion, accessory and beauty brands; and she has collaborated with some of the world’s top photographers, including Giovanni Gastel and Bruno Oliviero. Simonetta is the 9th most influential personality in Philadelphia and is truly a Millennial social media expert, empowering her generation.  The Wishmaker’s work is supported by many celebrities and she works in entertainment to invest in people.  Her motto is: GIVE DREAMS A CHANCE!


Mr Samir Abbas Deputy chairman And Representative Of India

Samir Abbas is the Deputy Chairman And Representative Of India of International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ).He is also a senior journalist and one of the most credible face of Indian TV News, A well known news anchor, nowadays working with News18 network as consulting editor and is also the host of News18 Urdu’s most watched political debate show thru out the world called Prime Debate. His presence on social media is always applauded by millions as he always promotes social harmony & attacks on religious divide & racism. He was awarded as the best news anchor of India in year 2013 for his excellent style of aggresive & in-depth anchoring in IBN7( Now News18india) He started his career with India TV before moving to IBN7 where he spent almost nine years as an anchor and Executive Producer. Before joining ETV Network He was also appointed executive editor of Live India news channel & Editorial head of Bhaskar News channel where he showed his expertise in launching the channel and setting up an experienced editorial team.


Ensaf Haidar Executive Board Member and Deputy Chairman

Ensaf Haidar, is the Deputy Chairman of the International Organization for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ) .She was born in the year 1975 in Jizan, Saudi Arabia. She is well known as the Saudi Arabian –Canadian human rights activist. Going against the will of her family she married Raif Badawi in the year 2001.Begining her criticism through articles and media interviews against religious establishments. This intern angered radical Saudi clerics, including a Saudi religious scholar Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, and former member of the teaching body of Imam Muhammad of Saud Islamic University.

Ensaf Haidar is fluent in both Arabic and French. When her husband Raif Badawi was imprisoned on 12th June 2012, Ensaf and their children escaped from Saudi Arabia and were able to obtain temporary residencies in Canada. Since then Ensaf has been desperately fighting to free her husband and raised awareness of Raif’s story across the world. She is the president and cofounder of the Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom (RBFF).

She has been rewarded with many validations. They are as follows,

  • Swiss Freethinker Prize 2015, shared with Raif Badawi and Waleed Abulkhair
  • Deschner Prize 2016, by the Giordano Bruno Foundation, shared with Raif Badawi.
  • Goldene Victoria Prize 2017, by the VDZ night publisher.


Jennifer Irwin Executive Board Member and ICPFJ spokesperson

Mrs.Jennifer Irwin is the Spokesperson for ICPFJ.She is also a senior executive board member at International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ). Mrs.Jennifer graduated from Denison University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in cinema. After graduating from Denison, Mrs.Jennifer spent fourteen years in advertising and marketing. She was an associate producer with SSC&B Lintas, a global advertising agency. Jennifer retired from advertising to raise her three sons. During which time she  taught private Pilates in Los Angeles for fifteen years.

Her debut novel, A Dress the Color of the Sky, was released in October 2017.Which she has won four awards for. Her novel aligns with the #MeToo movement with an emphasis on healing from sexual assault and childhood trauma. Jennifer is passionate about women empowerment and an advocate for freedom of speech. She was raised in New York and lives in Los Angeles.

Mrs.Rana Ludin Executive Board Member And Advisory Member

Rana Ludin is a Executive Board Member and an Advisor at International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ) .She is also a journalist and writer from  Afghanistan; she graduated from high school in Peshawar, and studied literature in Kabul Education University. She has worked for (BBC Afghan Women’s Hour) as a reporter in Kabul for more than two years. It was a Radio Program for Afghan Women. In 2006 Rana has published a collection of short stories in Pashto Language, which contains few translated and some of her own written stories. Now she living in Prague, Czech Republic, and writing articles for some Afghan websites.

Pro. Qaribur Rahman Saeed Executive Board Member and the Deputy Chairman

 Mr. Qaribur Rahman Saeed is the Deputy Chairman of ICPFJ. He is also an Executive Board Member of International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ).Mr.Qaribur was born on 20th of June 1952 in Afghanistan. He is fluent in Persian (Dari), English, Urdu, Norwegian (Bokmal), and  has an understanding of Arabic.  He initially started his career during the years of 1975-1976 as a chemistry and math lecturer at Ahdad high school located in Nanggarhar Afghanistan. He then  transfered to Nangarhar high school in 1976-1979 to continue  lecturing chemistry and math. 
After which Mr. Qaribur Rahman Saeed evoked to raise his voice against the violence towards journalists.As a Liaison officer with the international Media, for the freedom fighters against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan (1980- 85). He has worked as an Editor-in-chief of weekly magazine, Hejarat and also as the director general of the press and information department for the 7 party Alliance of the freedom fighters during the years 1985 – 1988.
He was the director general of Afghan news agency from 1988 to 1992 .Mr.Qaribur was an open social activist. Who collaborated with the relief organizations in order to provide education for  the children of Afghan Refugees displaced in the refugees ‘camps.
Moreover he was the spokesman for the Afghan prime minister (1992-96). There after the Head of the Council of 7 Party alliance for the ministry of the Cultural and information (1996). Apart from the above mentioned Mr. Qaribur Rahman Saeed is a renowned author.  He has written many books on politics, society and religion. Some of his writing  included in Pashto are as follows.
1) Political system in Islam (Islami Syasat) translated from Urdu to Pashto, (Published).
2) Islamic State (Islami Riasat) of Abul ala’maududi translated from Urdu to Pashto and is published.
3)Khelafat & Mulukiat of Abul ala’maududi, which is unpublished and translated from Urdu to Pashto.
4)Perda or Hejab of Abul ala’maududi, translated to Pashto is published.
5)Inkari Hadis of Allama Abdul Salam rustami translated to Pashto is published.
6)Khatme Nabwat. Of Allama Abdul Salam rustami translated to Pashto is published.
7)Novel of Salahudin Ayubi, translated to Pashto is published.
8)Hekmati Inqelab of Sayeed Asad Gilani, translated to Pashto is published.
9) Novel of Bayazed Yeldrem, translated to Pashto is published
10)Novel of Sultan Alla’udin Khaljaee, translated to Pashto is published
11)Novel of Shersha Suri is under translation.
12)Novel of Sultan M. Fates (Outman Impair) translation to Pashto.
13)D Soli Karwan (the convoy of peace mission) is now under working.
14)Waseeqi (Documents), from the profit (puh) to the Khulafa-e-Rashedeen.
15)A number of small booklets written in Pashto and Urdu will be seen in my writings.
 The list of his writings will be included in Pashto.
Original written works:

1)  Numerous articles in Pashto and English published in various international Newspapers and websites also translations of articles from foreign newspaper and magazines.
2) D Soli Karwan (the convoy of peace mission) (1) is printed.
3) My political life, under working.

Dr.Cristian Randieri Executive Board Member and representative of Italy

Dr. Cristian Randieri is a Executive Board Member and the representative for italy at International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ)..He is also a brilliant intelligent and great proactivity person and an effective communicator and visionary. He has built a strong (and deserved) reputation as someone with vision, diligence and honour. Dr. Cristian Randieri is not a simple engineer but he is a real Scientist. His knowledge is not restricted to the area it covers, but its impressive passion for all the technical topics led him to acquire great skills even in areas far from his original studies. Dr. Cristian Randieri is able to address and solve complex technical problems with excellent results. He is a valuable writer with great scientific background formed with more than 15 years of active research on experimental Nuclear Physics performed in the most famous international research laboratories such as CERN, ESRF, INF. He write about HI-Tech solutions topics and advanced research study applied to industry. With more than 150 scientific & technical publications, he is also, a technical and famous writer in Italy due to his interviews released to the most famous Industrial Italian magazines. Actually, he is the President & CEO of Intellisystem Technologies (https://www.intellisystem.it/)an Italian Research & Developments company committed to develop and sell innovative and advanced solutions.

Pro.Asif Zaman Executive Board Member and senior advisor

Pro. Asif Zaman (MBA) is Senior Advisor and an Executive Board Member of International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ). He is also a UK Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (FHEA) and an academic fellow of the Association of International Accountants, FAIA (ACAD). He is a full-time Senior Lecturer in Strategy and International Business, Islamic Finance and Accounting and Finance at Cardiff Metropolitan University, South Wales, UK. 

Asif has taught ‘International Political Economy’ for some years raising awareness among students to develop an interest in geopolitics and international relations. The ‘International Political Economy’ has led Asif to developed a keen interest in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance and hence, he is an AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Finance Institutions) compliant CIFE (Certified Islamic Finance Executive). CIFE has encouraged Asif to build national and international reputation/associations in the arena Islamic Banking and Finance.

Asif’s international teaching profile includes working and lecturing for some years in the GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) countries. The international working experience has encouraged Asif to develop diversified pedagogical approaches, especially when lecturing/ mentoring, overseas/international students. ​​

In 2004 after completing his MBA at University of Wales, he worked within the UK finance industry for commercial and private lending sector, where he successfully managed his financial consultancy enterprise.​

Apart from academia his other interests and hobbies include walking, keeping up to date with international politics and financial issues. He also enjoys cooking entertaining family and friends. Asif also holds a UK fixed wing (aeroplane) private pilot’s licence. He is an experienced private pilot and always enjoyed piloting light and mid-range aircraft as a leisure activity with friends & family.​​

Pro. Asif Zaman’s role as ‘Senior Advisor and an Executive Board Member’ within the International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ) is to advise on scientific research promoting credible, unbiased journalism that promotes sound, ethical, vetted and without prejudice reporting and publications.

Dr. Hemlata Bendre Executive Board Member and Director Public Relations

Dr. Hemlata Bendre is a Director of Public Relations at International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ). She is a Human Rights and Woman Rights defender.A Dental surgeon and Medical cosmetologist by profession. She has been awarded for proficiency in her academic excellence by the Indian Dental Association. She is very keen in social services and activities.
She has done extensive work for the underprivileged by arranging many blood donation camps on various occasions. She has traveled extensively in rural areas for arranging multi-specialty medical checkup camps for the needy. She has also undertaken many free surgeries tied with many hospitals. She is an active organizer for dental checkup camps in various schools in Mumbai.