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Police assault journalist during Homa Bay assembly chaos

Posted : 07:48 AM Oct 03,2018 by ICPFJ
Serial Number : icpfj000154406

Police assault journalist during Homa Bay assembly chaos

The camera that belonged to Standard Group journalist James Omoro, who was assaulted by anti-riot police officers while covering chaos at the Homa Bay County Assembly on October 2, 2018

02 oct 2018
A journalist from Homa Bay County was beaten and his camera destroyed as he covered chaos at the assembly on Tuesday.
Mr James Omoro, a correspondent of Standard Group Limited, was attacked by police officers who went to restore calm.
Mr Omoro narrated that he had been going about his business at about 8.30am when an officer approached him.
The assembly had been surrounded by anti-riot police from Homa Bay town and other neighbouring sub-counties.
"After realising they were hostile, I decided to introduce myself but an officer took none of it. He hit my right hand with a baton and crashed my camera. He later confiscated it," said Mr Omoro.
The journalist then realised that more officers were going for him so he turned to run away but was hit again by the same policeman.
He ran to a police station some 50 meters away and reported the attack.
Mr Omoro returned to the assembly with the Homa Bay Director of Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) but did not find the officer.
"We couldn't find the culprit who had stolen my camera. I wondered what his intention was and whose instructions he was under," he said.
This is not the first such occurrence in Homa Bay; journalists have been blocked and harassed at the assembly premises in the past.
Homa-Bay Police Commander Marius Tum said investigations will be carried out and action taken against the police officers who assaulted the journalist.
"We will get to the bottom of this and the camera will be found," he said.
The officers responded to chaos by people who stormed the assembly following leadership wrangles in the past few months.

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