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Photographer Shahidul Alam can not talk to journalists, so a member of the police has pressed his mouth - an 'International Photo Award 2014'

Posted : 12:30 AM Oct 06,2018 by ICPFJ
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Photographer Shahidul Alam can not talk to journalists, so a member of the police has pressed his mouth - an 'International Photo Award 2014'

The international award for the moment was put down by the faces of the dresses

Photographer Shahidul Alam can not talk to journalists, so that a member of the police retraces his face - he has secured first place in the category of 'International Photo Award 2014' (IPA).

On 6th of August this year, while telling Shahidul Alam about the court he was told that he was tortured after the arrest. Shahidul could not speak at this time, so his mouth was pressed down with a policeman left.

The image of the moment was first camera, the white light of Kanti Das. The International Photo Award-winning film will now fight for the Lucy Award.Every year,  

international photo awards are given in various categories by examining competition from competing organizers of photographs of photographers, globally and students from around the world. 

The first prize winners of various categories compete for the Lucy Award. Lucy Award's Grand Winner (International Photographer of the Year) is given 10 thousand dollars and Lucy Trophy.

Ultimately, the selected fancy and student's students fought in the 'Discovery of the Year' category, worth $ 5000 and Lucy Trophy. Six photographers contested in the 'Depar Perspective Photographer of the Year' category, where the winner received $ 5,000 and Lucy Trophy.

In addition, six of the current (video) photographs of the photography category (Moving Image Photographer of the Year) were fought and the final winner won $ 2500 and Lucy Trophy.

The non-profit organization Lucy Foundation offers International Photo Awards each year. The final winners of the main category are nominated for the Lucy Award.

Lucy Foundation is giving the Humanitarian Award to the photographer Shahidul Alam in the year 2018.

Lucy Award will be given on October 28. On that day, Shahidul Alam has also given the 'Humanitarian Award'. Although he was imprisoned in prison.

In August, school students protested for the demand for a safe road. DB police members arrested Shahidul from Dhanmondi residence on the night of August 5 during the movement. Later, he was sent to jail by a lawsuit under IT Act. In his Facebook and electronic media, he was charged with misleading the public by making false propaganda against propaganda and student movement.

Alam’s interview and the government’s response, should give pause to those who still think that the current Bangladesh government is anything other than an authoritarian regime unwilling to hand over power peacefully in any future elections.

Of course the government could change course and take steps to open up the country to proper multi-party democracy and freedom of expression that could allow a free and fair election.

There must be those within the government who think that this would be a far wiser course of action rather than the current autocracy and repression.



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