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People smugglers in Libya are raising

Posted : 09:18 AM Sep 09,2018 by ICPFJ
Serial Number : icpfj000154307

People smugglers in Libya are raising

ICPFJ depressed as traffickers, traffickers supplant staff in Libya amid clashes in Tripoli.

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ICPFJ is requesting the authorities to take action against all criminals who attempt to attack refugees and migrants in different parts of Libya.

These offenders were seen at landing points and smuggling centers, wearing vests and other items with logos. Once the smuggled passengers return to the land, the Libyan authorities transport them to the detention centers, administered by the Directorate for Combating Illegal Migration (under the Ministry of the Interior). In Tripoli, the situation of refugees and migrants living in urban or detained areas has deteriorated drastically in recent weeks due to intense fighting in the Libyan capital. There are unspeakable atrocities committed against refugees and asylum seekers on the streets of Tripoli, including rape, abduction and torture. Strangers abducted one lady’s husband and then raped her and tortured her one-year-old baby. The child was stripped and sexually harassed by the criminals. Many refugees were detained in areas near the fighting and were at risk of collateral damage if the rockets reached the centers. Thousands escaped from detention centers, in a desperate attempt to save their lives. ICPFJ strongly urges the establishment of alternatives to detention, including the immediate use of the Collection and Exit Center in Tripoli, which will serve as a platform to find security in third world countries, and which will be administered by the Libyan Ministry of the Interior. The facility has the capacity to house 1,000 vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers and is ready for use.


Reported By Umanga Buddhini Wackista-aratchie.




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