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Nusrat Javed Lay off From DawnNews Pakistan

Posted : 06:31 AM Nov 05,2018 by Gohar
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Nusrat Javed Lay off From DawnNews Pakistan

Veteran Journalist Nusrat Javed layoff

Pakistan – Colleagues, friends, and followers of prominent analyst Nusrat Javeed appeared saddened after his layoff by DawnNews TV reportedly due to financial difficulties.

Mubashir Zaidi, his colleague at DawnNews expressed his sentiments on Twitter. “Feel sad to see guru @javeednusrat and @Gulmeenay not being part of @Dawn_News anymore. Nusrat sahib has been the father figure for me while Gulmeenay was a fantastic colleague to work with. We'll work together again somewhere some day.”

Nusrat appeared in the program Bol Bol Pakistan with Gulmeenay Sethi on DawnNews.

Amber Rahim Shamsi, an anchor at Hum News TV tweeted along with a Gulmeenay tweet: “Gutted that @BolBolPakistan_ with you and @javeednusrat is no more. No replacement for the context and political insight.”

Marvi Sirmid, a rights activist and a correspondent with Daily Times said: “If this is true, it's a big big loss to tv journalism. TV channels owned by media houses with long journalistic track are facing financial crunch. But we still see mushroom growth of channels. The newer ones having dubious ownership are thriving. Why? How?”

Muhammad Saad, one of Nusrat’s followers said Bol Bol Pakistan was the only current affairs program educating its viewers, and not caught in the spiral of ratings. “Nobody gets Pakistani politics and regional affairs like Nusrat Javeed does. Well, that just makes it so much easier to give up on Pakistani TV.”

Tariq Adnan also took to Twitter and had this to say: “Sad, no doubt. But wherever @javeednusrat goes, people will switch to that channel for his program. Nusrat Saheb has so much respect.

Mr. Gohar Ali Khan

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