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Music is a witness to the killing field! IsiayPriya

Posted : 10:38 AM Sep 02,2018 by ICPFJ
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Music is a witness to the killing field! IsiayPriya

Sixty years of ethnic cleansing was formalized in the early years of the war and the armed struggle for the past nine years.

(Ramani's blog -

Sixty years of ethnic cleansing was formalized in the early years of the war and the armed struggle for the past nine years.

With the help of various countries, the Sri Lankan government launched a massive war in Mullivaikkal and retired to become bloodstains.

The United Nations report indicated that 40,000 people were killed in the war. The scarcity of this war has not yet begun. The human rights violations in the war are still unavailable.

People's protests continue to be abducted and disappeared. On the other hand, the government has not given justice to the abducted journalists killed

Media freedom in Sri Lanka has become a major question today. There is no war. Bomb explosion. But the allegations that persecution continues continues.             

A computation says that Tamil journalists are the most killed among the major journalists of Eelam.

In particular, 17 journalists were killed during the rule of former President Mahinda Rajapakse, but only about 3 Sinhalese journalists and 14 other Tamil journalists were shocked.

Information that the most important neutral journalists, including Tarakai Sivaraman, were kidnapped and killed could not be compensated for Eelam Tamils.

Similarly, the assassination of the music of the Liberation Tigers of Media has occurred.

The LTTE, which transformed the ethnic cleansing of the struggle for the liberation of the world and transformed the world to a great extent, utilized the media for their struggle and the rights of Eelam Tamils and the world.

There is no point in the fact that the LTTE provided their media network and provided information and messages with media ethics.

The LTTE's voice, the Tamil national television, the reality, and the web sites were used with much technique.

The Tigers made clear that they were able to choose their sector where they were more interested. Not everyone sent firearms to the field.

Instead of firearms, they handed over pens and cameras to the media.

That’sthe music of the game. Born in Neduntheevu in Jaffna district on 2 May 1981 (Sopana) is music.

In 1998, he joined the LTTE's media unit. Where the name of the sopana is changed to the music

It was mentioned as music. He has done a great job of delivering news, comments, events and events.

The 'Tilakkariakavam' program of the heroes who had been killed in the Tamil Eelam Television was given in the voice of the music. The show is something that is not left out of the memories of many today.

Nine years have passed since the brutal murder and murder. Those scars still remain in the heart of Eelam Tamils.

 Waiting for justiceUnless there is a joint effort of the freedom of expression, freedom of the press and human rights, human rights can not be solved.