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Freedom House has rated China's freedom of the press as "not free."

Posted : 12:55 AM Sep 22,2018 by ICPFJ
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Freedom House has rated China's freedom of the press as "not free."

China Eyes Banning Foreign Online News

21SEP 2018

The Chinese government will potentially block foreign current affairs content from being shown in the country, according to draft regulations from their National Radio and Television Administration.

The regulations, obtained by Reuters Thursday, will clamp down on what kinds of shows may be aired on domestic television stations or online video platforms. Current affairs shows were singled out as being barred from the country.

Also forbidden by the draft regulations were foreign content that contains violence, terrorism, incitement to crime, endangers social stability, or is deemed harmful to national sentiment.

The regulations also target film and animation.

The Chinese government is in the midst of a push to restrict online content. Earlier this month, it banned the website of the Australian Broadcasting Company, telling the public news organization that China's internet was "fully open."

China is known for the depth and reach of its censorship operations.

Thousands of websites have been blocked in the country, inspiring the nickname "the Great Firewall of China." Foreign journalists are routinely detained for their reporting, and virtually all domestic media capable of reaching a mass audience is tightly regulated. The censorship watchdog    Freedom House has rated China's freedom of the press as "not free."

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