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Divya Spandana Reportedly Upset With Congress, Skips Work

Posted : 08:20 AM Oct 03,2018 by ICPFJ
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Divya Spandana Reportedly Upset With Congress, Skips Work

Sources say she is upset that much of her role has been transferred to Nikhil Alva, the son of Congress veteran Margaret Alva.

03 oct 2018


Congress Party Social Media Chief Divine Reaction Whether Alias ​​Ramya resigned from his post? The divine reaction to the Congress party and the Congress president Rahul Gandhi in the media in the upcoming elections is now aware that the party is now slashing its role in the party. Party sources claim that she has reduced the scope of her liability. Rumia, who has been on party affairs, is reported to have resigned from his social media chief. This is proof that she will remove social media from her Twitter profile. Ramayya was immediately reintroduced in her bio and re-added as social media chief.

Dumma beat the divine reaction to the recent party activities. Ramya did not even attend the party's crucial leadership meeting held in Maharashtra during the Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. For the past three days, she has not received any information from her colleagues and has not even seen the office face. All of this is going to be something different. When the rumors of his resignation were announced, the Divine Reaction Party senior party leader Ranjit Deport said he would go to Surjevala and soon he will resume work.

The divine reaction seems angry over the transfer of ex-Congress MP Margaret Alva's son Nikhil Alva to most of his responsibilities. Ramya is hoping that Rahul Gandhi will be running a key role in the Congress Social Media Cell for Nikhil, who runs Twitter so far. But recently Rahul was unhappy about the divisive response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's controversial tweets. UP police had a case of treason against her, especially with the tweet of Prime Minister's 'Thacka'. Similarly, the Modi tweet is a controversial issue. Leaders of the party say that she is making comments on her boundaries as social media chief.


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