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Bomb Kills Investigative Journalist in Malta Who Reported On Panama Papers

Posted : 02:20 PM Aug 30,2018 by ICPFJ
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Bomb Kills Investigative Journalist in Malta Who Reported On Panama Papers

On Monday around 2.35 p.m Galizia who is 53 published stories on her blog and was driving their rented Peugeot 108 around 3.p.m with her husband Bidnija from her home.


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On Monday around 2.35 p.m Galizia who is 53 published stories on her blog and was driving their rented Peugeot 108 around 3.p.m with her husband Bidnija from her home. According to the local media reports her car got a fire while they were in a rural area of the country.

Updated: October 17, 2017 11:09 IST

Daphne Caruana Galizi was spending most of her time in Panama papers recently.

Official says that Daphne Caruana Galizi had met with this unexpected bomb explosion on Monday near her home. She is a well popular investigative journalist and a blogger who came from Malta. Most of her articles are based on government corruption. Reuters said that so far no clue on the suspects.

The body is badly burned and due to the blast the particles were found in fields far away from the blasted area. Peugeot’s crushed shell was found in a field which was yards away. 

According to the CPJ, in year 2017, number of journalists got killed raised up to 27.

Galizia’s sudden death was a hot topic in Europe and Malta and it was broadly criticized. Galizia was well popular for reporting on corruption, cronyism and political malfeasance. 

“Frans Timmermans who is the first vice president of the European Commission has posted a statement on twitter saying he was shaken and annoyed to hear the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s dismiss. Furthermore he said if the journalists keep quite it will be the path to lose the freedom”.

Panama Papers is the place where Galizia was seen in most of the time. It is a place where you can find many off shoring activities in detailed within the country. Those activities are mainly on powerful officials and companies around the world. The guardian reports her reporting on claims about the prime minister’s wife Joseph Muscat and a shell company in panama was a hit as it got spread around on the Malta’s term at the presidency of the European Union.

Galizia target on cronyism and it was not happened accidently. She was in the list of the 28 people who like to shake up Europe in 2017, she told politico. She said she is not ready to see people whom are not suitable get rewarded.

Galizia started her journalist life in the year of 1980 in Sunday Times of Malta as a columnist.  Before writing a column she started as an editor in Malta independent.

In 2008 she launched her own blog on the island nation which is one of the most popular websites. More than 400,000 readers can be found reading her website which is all most all the people in the country.  Galizia’s last new article was on court evidence related to the charge about the Muscat’ chief of staff and most recent news was related to a unpermitted zoo. This was run by a man who is having relationships with the prime minister and most leading individuals in Malta.

With all these, Muscat speaks out on a news conference on Monday saying. “Ms. Caruana Galizia is criticizing me badly. This is not only a political grudge but it a personal grudge too. But so far no one can justify this crucial performance in any way.  Prime minister said all these on a Maltese television in reply to the news reports.

Malta had asked for help from FBI on the investigation which was confirmed by the U.S. officials. At the same time Galizia had gone to police and dropped complains about the threats she got and getting. Deputy executive director of CPJ, Robert Mahoney said that the Daphne Caruana Galizia was a brave journalist who does investigations well.  She was brave enough to deal with the most powerful political, business and criminal worlds.

Actually, she had investigated the authorities whom now are responsible for finding the killer or the killers of Galizia. With all these investigation on this murder case will be in one step further. If not won’t be a good sign for journalists who live any part of the world.

The leader of Malta’s nationalist party putting a post in twitter saying this is the start of collapsing her equality and freedom of expression. He emphasized that journalists should not be silent.  Previously the duty magistrate has given the responsibility to investigate her case been earlier taken in to courts by Galizia.  This was highlighted in Malta, reporter.  The duty magistrate was removed from its post by the country’s chief justice and this was requested by the Galizia’s family

Mathew, Andrew and Edward are her three sons and she was living with her husband Peter Caruana Galizia.