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Violence Against Journalists

Journalist charged under anti-terror law, sent to jail | SC restrains media from airing public comments in sub judice matters | Journalists hold protest rally against attacke on karachi press club | Plain-Clothed Armed Men Entered Into Karachi Press Club, Harass Journalists | 12 armed men attacked at office of a local Newspaper, Beat up its Crime Reporter |

Country Representative of Maldives

Mr Jadhullah Saeed

Mr. Jaadhulla Saeed is a senior executive board member at International Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists (ICPFJ). He is from Maldives and was born in 1964. He is a very talented journalist who has more than 30 years of experience. He started his journalism career in Print Media Journalist at Haveeru Daily in 1987. In his 30 years of journalism he has given his service to many media centers.

He is currently working as the senior Editor of VMedia which is the second top private TV channel of Maldives. He is well qualified in producing and writing Prime Time News, News bulletin, content control, Editing and production. He is a good presenter and producer in current affairs. Moreover he has strong skills in analyzing the foreign and local news, production of News, attending press conferences, participating workshops and forums. Other than these he has participated in policy draft of local NGOs and some Government initiated workshops as well as international and regional workshops including SAARC orientations. He is a human rights activist and strongly believes the freedom of expression and eager to raise his voice at any time.

Even though he is a journalist he has completed his higher studies in hotel management.